Are you running the Comrades Marathon? JOIN US!

If you are someone who is already saying "I'M IN, WHERE DO I SIGN UP?" after just seeing the poster, YOU are in the right place!

For those who need a little encouragement, this is why you should join: (if you read right the way to the bottom without skipping the rest and signing up you are probably not in the right place!)

  1. Experience Comrades like never before, as part of a team of people focussed on enjoying the experience, making the most out of every second for themselves and others, and helping one another to do the same!
  2. Each Red Love Train runner will commit to raising a minimum of R5,000 for the 6 Amabeadibeadi charities and in doing so becoming part of Team Unogwaja 2014 and our collective mission to raise over R1million. We need you to make this dream come true.
  3. Each Red Love Train Runner will receive 2 pairs of shoOops! (If you don't know what they are by now find out pronto because you are going to be wearing them to run!)
  4. Book your accommodation at preferential rates at team hotel Garden Court Marine Parade, Durban Beachfront and spend the weekend as part of the team, and experience the entire weekend as a team including meals. (Think Cool Runnings! The Jamaican Bobsled movie! Watch it if you haven't! Immediately! If you watch this move, and you need to read on for more reasons why to join, this is probably not for you!!) We encourage everyone to become an active part in Team Unogwaja from the outset, interacting with the team, fundraising, supporting in whatever way you can.
  5. You can be part of the Red Love Train and make your own way to the start of the run and stay at your own accommodation. These are just optional extras. You can also choose to stay elsewhere and still travel with the Unogwaja team to Comrades. (We will be leaving from Marine Parade, Durban Beachfront bright and early in a coach! There will be a nominal cost of R50 per person if you wish to avail of the transport option to enable us to cover the costs of the 44 seater bus)
  6. Start as a team in the CC Charity Batch (3rd from the front) regardless of your qualifying time. (NOTE: standard Comrades qualification required and each runner will need to raise the R5,000 before 6 May cut off as this is when the numbers are printed. See Comrades rules) You are welcome to start in A or B if your qualifying time permits but we are trying to stick together and enjoy the experience together BUT we totally understand and respect anyone who needs to whoop Comrades butt in a pair of red socks! We will need people at the finish line cheering us in before the cut off!
  7. What time does the Red Love Train hope to arrive at destination in Durban? We have a number of very strong and experienced Comrades runners within our group who will take responsibility of getting us across the line in time but we are aiming for between 11hr15min-11hr30min mark which gives us a small cushion and enables us all to run together regardless of level! There are no guarantees but this is what we are going for and are confident of achieving together. Can you imagine a the goosebumps when the Red Love Train arrives? I have goosebumps writing this!
  8. New Balance South Africa are fully in support of the Red Love Train and would like to offer each Red Love Train member with a 20% discount from any NB outlet in the lead up to Comrades. Check box below if you would like to avail of this opportunity! (You can thank New Balance via twitter @NewBalance_SA)
  9. We may ask each runner to dress up a little! (within the rules of Comrades) ;)

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